dear dad

dear dad,
im not sure of anything anymore, im not sure of what to do, who to talk to, where to go, im not sure of what to say, to think
to believe
i wish i knew what you wanted from me, wish i could have been exactly what you thought i should be
maybe if i was i could have kept you around longer
i never made you happy, and at the same time i was the only one who could
i miss you so much, i wish that i could hear you scream at me one more time
im too young to be without a father, im only a kid dad, why did you leave me alone?
i dont know, dad, my lifes just a blur, i can focus on anything
please, you left me alone for so long, you walked out on me so many times
why did you have to do it again?
i loved you dad
sincerley your son

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