Only one in the Office [GPS Challenge]

Nothing I hate worse than having to find my way around a newly remolded office building.

The boss left an envelope on my desk, suggesting I return it to repro. Now it was up to me to find repro. The room I was looking for was 22J107. I assumed that meant it was on the 22nd floor.

In the elevator I reached for the 22nd floor button, only to find, to my chagrin there was no 22nd floor. The elevator door shushed closed before I could stop it and began to rise.

At the next floor I exited the elevator and walked down the carpeted hall until I reached a door with a number on it. 33P465. Must be a lower floor I mused. I re-entered the elevator and pressed First.

At the main floor I turned left and walked…. and walked. There were no numbers on the doors. I stepped into an office and asked where repro was. They called my boss to make sure I worked there.

Once the delivery was made I returned to my office, only to find a small GPS unit on my desk.

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