Stupid Block [GPSC]

“Are we there yet?” Ned groaned, dragging his feet.
“Just one more left, and we’ll be… oh, recalculating route.” Lex, eyes glued to the tiny GPS , failed to notice that they’d been walking in a 15 yard circle for the past 3 hours.
“I still think we should go right,” a disgruntled Ned mumbled, “but no, we have to use technology to walk to a stupid lodge, which, by the way, we can see from our site.”
Lex was too engrosed in the little blipping box in his hand to notice the rant. “I wonder why it keeps telling us to go left…”
Ned was ready to explode. “Because it’s a stupid block!” he shouted. “Why are you listening to the stupid block?
Lex looked up reproachfully. “Hey, it’s hard to read a semi-transparent GPS ,” he whimpered.
Transparent? Ned snatched the GPS from Lex’s hand, then turned it over.
“Take right turn in 15 yards,” its computerized voice said coolly.
Ned tossed the GPS over his shoulder & dragged a stunned Lex up the trail. “Why did I listen to the stupid block?” he grumbled.

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