Plot Unfolds

Getting my jewelry making paraphernalia down here was easy. I’d boxed it up when I started this dig, so my parents were used to not seeing it in my room.

My biggest problem was light. I needed stronger light than candles and a lantern. A portable generator would be nice, but too noisy, and no way could I run an extension cord from the house. I suppose I’ll have to make do with maglites unless I can come up with something better.

I looked at my watch. Nine fifty five, time for my first daylight robbery. The Clarks both left for work at 8:30. I had noticed that they always left the bathroom window open a crack. It was a small window, but I should be able to squeeze my 90 pounds through it.

I scampered up my makeshift ladder and slowly lifted the sod covered hatch. With no one in sight. I crawled out and replaced the hatch.

Funny how things work out, night burglers wear all black, while I’m wearing all white, from my hat to my shoes.

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