Matt talks to Van

My thoughts were all a jumble as I walked away from Gail. I realize I’ve changed, but so has she and yet I still recognized her.

I pulled open the door and entered the common area. It was a cool, fall day. The tiniest breeze was caressing the earth, stiring the golden leaves. It was between classes, so I had the area all to myself. I walked to the crook of the building and lit up a Marlboro.

I squatted down staring at the concrete, thinking of Gale and how it once was.

“Yo, Marlboro man,”

Startled out of my reverle, I looked up at Van. “Van my man, what’s happenin’?”

“Nothin’ happening to me, but you look like shit. You been crying?”

I ran a knuckle under each eye, wiping away the tears. “Hell no,” I said, “friggin’ dust out here.”

Van lighted up a cheap ass smoke that smelled like cow shit. “You seen Gale yet?” he asked.

I thought of lying to him, but he’d know better. We’ve been friends since grade school. “Yeah man, I did, and it didn’t go well.”

“what happened,” he asked.

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