An Unnatural Coma : Part 9

I stumbled into an alley, where I sat down against a wall. The hospital was down the alley. I suddenly got a massive headache.
“Keep moving or it will get worse…. oh much much worse…”
said my insanity.
I had to obey this was beyond normal pain. I got up as it commanded and began towards the hospital.
The climb to his window was easier from here, I got in rather quickly. Once inside the room I laid the items out on the table and then suddenly I was thrown onto the floor. The kitchen knife I just bought in my hand. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t let go of it. Suddenly I was rational again and thoughts entered my mind like a floodgate was opened, but my insanity had the upper advantage it had control of my limbs.
“Your worthless to me now.” my insanity roared in my ears.
My own hand was now pressing the blade against my throat.
“This…. oh this was interesting but i’m afraid it’s over and so is your life, terribly sorry but that’s the way it goes.” said my insanity whom was now in control.

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