Reverse Psychology [GPS Challenge]

“All the times you got us lost…”

Every pair of eyes in the car was turned towards the offending GPS system embedded in the Mercedes car’s dashboard.

“Every single mile we went.”

He turned it on with a vengeance.

“Through every bramble.”

This time he twisted the key in the ignition, and the car purred into life.

“To every dead end.”

He drove the car out into the road, and asked the GPS computer for directions.

The family was silent as they listened to the annoying, computerized woman’s voice filter through the GPS system.

In a quarter of a mile, take a left turn.

“Oh, we will,” he said, his smile full of villainy.

The Mercedes glided upon the asphalt of the highway, but the pleasure of the feeling was soon interrupted by the faulty GPS again.

Take a left turn.

He drove the car right.

In three yards, take a left turn.

He continued, placid, through the road, completely ignoring the GPS ’ pleas.

Now a right! Now a left! Make a U-turn!

And, happy as larks, everyone ignored it.

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