Still a Friend

“One problem,” Master said bluntly, “How are you going to get to him?”
I slumped. He was right, of course. I slid down the wall and buried my head in my knees.
Someone cleared her throat. I looked up at Master, who pointed to our cell door. I saw only a pair of eyes, but they were eyes I knew well.
You!” I hissed, taking a flying leap to the doors. Lin remained unflinching. “Come to gloat?”
“No, actually.” She was too unruffled for my liking.
“What about taunt? Do your worse.”
She gestured for me to lean close. I cautiously did so.
“There’s a crawlspace in the ceiling,” she whispered in Spanish so low I could barely hear her. I nodded. “Follow the passage until you come to a split. Go left. Head towards the light, you should be able to see everything from there.” I nodded again.
Lin backed away. “It’s the least I could do for all the trouble you guys caused,” she said, winking & allowing a smile overtake a corner of her mouth. She turned & stalked out.
I smiled; I still sort of had my best friend.

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