The Greenhouse Pt 2

“Yeah, that’s what I said, Don,” Lennie said. “Lookie here,” he held out a check for $48,500.
“That’s really great,” I said, ” but didn’t you pay $53,500 for that place?”
“Yes, but that’s the great part, I only lost $5000.”

A year ago Leonard had bought a rundown greenhouse, and worked day and night to get it up and running. He had a lot of problems to solve, however his worse problem turned out to be his next door neighbor. The neighbor was an old sewage disposal plant. The plant was so old it still released it’s noxious fumes into the atmosphere. Leonard’s intake fans sucked these fumes into the greenhouse.

Leonard said you get used to the smell in a couple of hours, but his customers never stayed that long, in fact some rushed out within minutes, holding a hand over their mouth and nose.

Leonard had beautiful flowers, but could not sell them. Then, one day he spied a young man standing on a corner selling roses. This, Lennie decided was his salvation.

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