TBS Finds His Special Purpose

And with a flick of Fay’s wrist, she and Jezbel materialized in the underground lair of TheBetweenSpace. “Anyone ever teach you girls to knock?” he said in a tone of casual, sardonic indifference, as if he’d been expecting a couple of sexy, fanciful creatures to apparate in his bunker.

“A couple of hotties show up in your bedroom willing to fulfill your every wish and you’re complaining?” Jezbel jeered.

“Jezbel, my darling,” Fay admonished. “This is neither the time nor the place.”

“Where were you two nine years ago?” TBS said. “No, love isn’t my problem these days. I just don’t have any…”

“Decency,” Jezbel said, alluding to the towel draped around his waist.

“You surprised me, remember? No, what I’m lacking is superpowers. I wanna be Peter Petrelli.”

“Done,” Fay said. “Who’s next?”

“Well, we could visit uselessness,” Jezbel said.

“But, would there be any purpose?” Fay retorted. “Let’s visit g2.”

In the background, TBS yelled to his own amusement, “I’m Peter Petrelli!”

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