The Irish Pianist Becomes Impish

The Irish Pianist placed her fingertips, which had been in a Beethoven run moments before, thoughtfully together. “Let me get this straight,” she began, “You two want to grant lil’ ol’ me any wish? And this has been happening to ficlets people all day?”
“Any you would like,” Fay affirmed. Jezbel was too busy trying to perch herself on the piano to notice.
“Oy! Off the Steinway!” g2 cried, sending Jez tumbling. She resumed thinking.
Usually these sorts of things go wrong, she mused. But there’s been no trouble. At least, she added impishly, not yet.
“Do you want a new piano?” Fay asked, trying to jog inspiration.
“Do you see a 9 ft concert grand in here? I’m not interested in love, & I’ll get my own friends”
“What do you want?” Jez asked, exasperated.
A mischievous smirk crawled across the redheaded pianist’s face as she motioned to Fay & whispered in the fairy’s ear.
“It’s unconventional,” she hesitated.
“But isn’t that boring?” g2 asked.
“Okay, one monkey wrench thrown into the gears, coming up!”

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