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Excellent authors…what do they have in common?

I brush off the question, turning back to my paper, but it nags, like a seething mini-Fury, until I relent and let myself think about it more.

What do they have in common? I ask myself.

See, that’s the thing – they don’t have much in common, I think, scratching the back of my head thoughtfully with my trusty pen.

Some use adjectives so well you can see what’s in front of you as if you have a picture hung up in front of your nose, I muse, and then take a more comfy position.

Others leave you open to create the imagery yourself with fragmented sentences – not too little, but not too much, either.

I sit back, satisfied and proud that I’m a writer, however mediocre.

We’re all like patches on a colorful quilt.

We all complete the pattern, but if one is missing, an ugly patch will take its place.

The literary world is a kaleidoscopic one – there’s something different at each corner.

And that, I conclude, is what makes it so special.

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