Better off imagined

I hadn’t seen him in ten years and all that time melted away when our eyes met. I had been a head-strong 26 year old, he an adorable if naive 24 year old. I saw the future with him, he saw a great friend. I would’ve accepted him as anything just to keep him but he said with me he couldn’t keep cheating.

We chatted shyly at first, unsure of where our relationship could stand after all this time. He was no longer with her had found someone new. He never stopped thinking of me and I would like to say I had but he was the inspiration for me becoming who I did.

5 minutes turned to 10 and the flirting started naturally like the breeze, picking up right where it left off. Pushed my hair out of my face, my breath caught and I found myself back in that 26 yr olds place. As our lips met I felt his heart begin to race, beating mine.

Could something meant to be actually wait 10 years to happen? Or is it something that is better off imagined?

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