Poor Work Ethic: The Tables Have Turned

Susan and Joseph stood staring at eachother, the dagger inbetween the pair, as if waiting for a signal. The signal arrived. Carol emerged from the cube between them with a weapon of her own. As she brandished a large knife, she began to speak.

“I can’t have you two screwing this up for me. Mr. Wallace does not need to be informed. Jason tried to meddle in my interoffice affairs and look what happened to him.”

Susan opened her mouth hesitantly. “So you’re saying that Jason is dead?”

“I’m afraid so… He didn’t put up too much of a struggle, he always was a wuss.”

“I’m afraid we’ll have to tell him,” Joseph began, “I think Mr. Wallace would be very interested to hear this…”

Right in front of Susan and Carol’s eyes, Joseph began to peel off his face. Slowly, bit by bit he revealed his true form. No one could speak. The fabled Mr. Wallace was standing right in front of them.

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