ALRO'S Wishes (Fairy Godmother series) Pt 1

Faye Godsmom gathered Jezbel closer, “Don’t make me work harder than I must, child,”
“Yes, Wisdom,” Jezbel’s mouth twisted, “Where are we going?”
“To visit an old friend,” the fairy godmother said.
With a spin of her jeweled wand, and breath of magic, the two winked into Ether and appeared before ALRO .
His telecaster in hock, he strummed a few power chords with his amp on 11 before he finally noticed the two ladies standing before him.
“Well, hello there,” he winked at Jezbel, who blushed.
She whispered, “He’s handsome in a rugged, Jack Black sort of way,”
“Focus, Jezbel, for the love of Tinkerbell!”
The apprentice coughed and stood up, “Yes, Wisdom Mother,”
“Now!” Faye Godsmom started, “We’ve been sent to grant you two wishes.”
“Two of them? Awesome!” ALRO said.
“Don’t get too excited,” Faye said with a wave of a hand, “There’s a twist. Firstly, I must warn you that certain types of wishes can backfire”
“Why me?” ALRO asked.
“Pianista Irlandesa wished it!”
“I knew it; always trying to best me!”
“Your wish?”

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