Explanations and Introductions

I stared in shock, glancing between my sister & this scruffy stranger. I was glad all that he was on our side, but I had to admit I was in the same boat as Lily.
I, however, was more verbally coordinated that she at this moment.
“Why on earth,” I began, “did you push us out of a train?!”
He shrugged carelessly. “I couldn’t just say ‘Please exit the train before it has come to a complete stop at the next Secretist warehouse, & thank you for choosing Premier Railways,’ now could I?”
“Yeah,” Lily argued, “but a moving train?
“We were slowing down, it wasn’t like we fell outta the sky,” he continued. “Besides, if I hadn’t tackled you two, you woulda been in Headquarters, probably without a mind in your head.”
He was right. I mumbled a thank you, as did Lily.
“My pleasure,” he said, with a dramatic sweeping bow. “Always glad to help a Resistor.”
“Now we you’re with us,” I began.
“We might as well know your name,” Lily finished.
He removed his cap & nodded his head. “Caster’s the name. Paulie Caster.”

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