We Takin' a Field Trip

“Whacha got?â€? Buck asked later that night.
“Well, looks like shouldn’t be too hard to poke around, the redheaded librarian’s eager to help people,â€? Jones reported.
“What you proposin’?â€?
“My guess would be to keep her occupied long enough for someone to at least poke around the basement, or something like that.â€?
Buck nodded, considering. “Aiight boys, looks like we’re gettin’ further involved.â€?
The rest of the table delved into deeper detail, but Jones only half listened. There was still something about that redheaded librarian.
Grace the librarian… he thought. She seemed so trusting, so willing to help…
Grace the librarian…
“Jones! Earth t’Jones!” someone called in his ear. He snapped out of his reverie. He glanced around, confused.
Buck shot him a dark look. “I knows you daydreamin’ ‘bout the dough wid dat book, but we gotta focus.” The rest of the group nodded in earnest. “We bedda act quick-like,” Buck continued, smirking. “Boys, tommorra, we takin’ a field trip down’t’da library.”

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