Blessed Welcome Kiss

I promptly put my cap back on, with the little flourish I had practiced in my spare time.

“Now then,” I began, “I believe another introduction is in order.”

I whistled, and Pounder ran in from the other room.

The expressions on their faces when my lovely, large mastiff walked into the room was priceless.

“Here, boy! Here!” I attempted to stop him from attacking the newcomers with a series of full-face kisses, but he knocked me over and quickly welcomed the two twins.

I finally got him to calm down and lay at my feet, giving the two some time to attempt to dry their faces.

“GROSS!” yelled the girl.

I merely chuckled and led Pounder into the next room to give him his dinner.

As I opened the can, I heard the two discussing something in sharp whispers. No doubt they were wondering if I was trustworthy.

Well, I better not give them too much time to think of some conspiracies…

I walked back into the room, and quickly sat myself on the sofa opposite the two twins, and waited for the questions to begin.

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