The Meaning of Never

Some say they want eternal life.

Those that do are idiots. Eternal life is never a blessing.

It’s the worst curse one can wish upon another.

Couple it with becoming a monster, feared and hunted across the span of history, and mortality begins to look like heaven.

I gradually felt the burning sensation stop as the sun slipped beyond the horizon once again. I watched the couples pick up their blankets and head home, hand in hand. I listened to the world stop its lively hum, and settle down to wait for another day.

I waited patiently until even the bats and the wolves fell asleep. Patience seemed to come naturally when you knew you had eternity on your hands.

I lifted my body from the cold ground, brushed the dew off of my cloak, and started my walk down the deserted streets.

I glanced at the dark houses, and heard the steady breathing coming from inside…

If only I could close my eyes for an hour; a blessed hour of sleep!

But I would never feel the pressure of eternity lift from my shoulders.


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