Realism Of The Moment

“Please! Please don’t do this!” Molly screamed.
“Oh but I have to.” said her killer.
The killer than raised the blade and brought it down.
“Cut.” yelled the director.
“Great job Molly.” said Derek who played the killer.
“Thanks you too.”
The cast shuffled off set, in preperation for the next scene.
“I’m going to get ready.” Molly said already walking out of the studio. She entered her dressing room flicking the light switch. To her surprise there was a boquet of flowers laying on her vanity table. She made her way over to the flowers she picked them up and began to read the card.
“Your acting is fabulous, you make it look so real, I can’t wait to meet you in person.” read the card.
Molly looked around baffled.
“Action!” someone cried behind her.
Before Molly could even turn around there was a sharp pain in her stomach, she looked down and saw a blade coming through the front of her. She looked up into the mirror and there was a man standing behind her with a small camera. Then it all went black.

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