Daylight Robbery

My first stop was our garage.

Up on the dust-covered wooden shelf I retrieved the wire bottle carrier. I had poured white paint into two bottles so they would resemble bottles of milk. My masquerade was now complete.To the casual observer I was a milkman; no one sees a milkman.

The Clark’s house was on a large tree covered lot. I walked up to the house, circled around back, and I was out of view. I took off my shoes, and donned rubber gloves. A half whiskey barrel was stored against the house, it’s twin contained flowers. I carried the half barrel over to the bathroom window.

With little effort, I slid open the window and hoisted myself inside. The bathroom smelled of lavender. I wasted no time looking at stuff, but went right to the master bedroom.

Mrs. Clark’s jewelry was in an ornate jewelry box; the bottom of which lifted out. I removed the top half that contained costume jewelry, and gazed at the real gems. I had a wide choice. I chose two diamond rings.

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