All these years

I could tell just by looking at him. The way his body jerked when I turned around, or the way his eyes shifted when i looked into them. His red chapped lips dropped open ever so slightly, closing just as fast as they opened. Masking his suprise. His blue eyes that were usually warm and full of expression suddenly died and turned an icy cold that felt as if they were looking right through you.
I stepped closer.
He stepped back.
It was like a dance without the music. With every step that i took forward, he took one back, until there was nowhere left to go. I had him backed into a wall and i stood, watching him helplessly stuggle. His mopy brown hair was in his face, and I almost felt bad for him. He was almost pathetic.
“After everything we have been through, all the times we had together, this is where you are going to end it?” he whispered with hope weaved through his words as if they were going to save him.
“I don’t have to end it, you already did.” I spit.
All these years have come down to this…

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