OrangeOreos Gets Two Wishes

Just as Orange was about to scoop up his last, wonderful spoonful of Yoplait, Faye and Jezbel appeared on top of his computer monitor.

“What the—?” His sputtering sprayed Blackberry Harvest flavored yogurt all over the two fairies.

“EW!” commented Jezbel, before waving her wand and making the mess dissappear.

Orange quickly gained his composure and apologized.

“It’s okay. It happens all the time. Job requirement,” lied Faye.

“It is?!?!” gasped a very shocked Jezbel.

“Shush, Jezbel! Now then, Orange…”

“You’re here to grant me wishes, right?” he exclaimed.

“My! Word travels fast through the Ficlet web…”

“I don’t think he deserves them, Faye Godsmom. He spit YOGURT on me!” countered Jezbel.

“SHUSH! Child! Your Tinkerbell temperament is showing! Yes, Orange, we’re here to grant you two wishes.”

“Shweet! Well, in that case, I wish…”

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