”...I wish that I had a million wishes!”

And then the world imploded.

Kermitgorf’s crowd of female worshipers disappeared when he went back to his old, gorfy self.

Blusparrow’s date, Tim, got a bad case of the flu the night before the dance.

Band Baby’s parents decided to move back to their old home because they didn’t like living next to a cow pasture.

Elsha found she couldn’t decide whether to wear her red sweater or her blue one.

Chaka discovered there wasn’t a can of coke to be seen in her home.

Ana’s personal Edward was sucked back into her Twilight novel.

TBS was wounded in a supernatural ability battle when his powers suddenly disappeared.

G2 felt her need to make others’ lives more difficult was unsatisfied.

ALRO ’s apartment was suddenly devoid of the amazing musical creations that had been keeping his neighbors awake.

And lastly, Fay Godsmom and her apprentice Jezbel disappeared with a poof, a tinkle, and a shower of glitter.


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