Her Smile

Love struck him down from the moment he laid eyes on her, although he was quite good at lying to himself about it. “She’s attractive” he’d say to himself, “It’s just a crush”, but the second he met her his heart knew. Josh was invited to a party by his best friend Roland, a large outdoor barbecue. Roland invited everyone he knew friends of new and old, most of which Josh had never met.
The party went well and Josh was introduced to all of Roland’s old friends. “Josh, this is Yvonne, she’s an aspiring actress” Roland said, gesturing at the woman standing next to him. Josh shook her hand. “Hi” he said, and then she smiled. His heart didn’t skip a beat, time didn’t slow down, she just smiled and said hello, but none the less his life changed forever. Over the months she became a part of the group, hanging out with Josh, Roland and his friends. Every time she smiled, every laugh, every moment he spent with her his love grew but he continued to deny it to himself, until the night he went to see her in a play.

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