Livin the Dream: Part 7

I sat on the bench outside waiting for Krissy and Sam to come outside so we can leave. While I was waiting, the clouds got darker. The sky turned gray. I heard a rumble from above.
They came outside just as it started pouring.
“Let’s go!” I cried.
We ran to the back of the parking lot where we thought the car was. It wasn’t there. We scanned the parking lot. It wasn’t there. We looked across the street. It wasn’t there. We went to the main office and told them that we couldn’t find Krissy’s car.
“That was your car? A man said it was his and that last night he left it here by mistake!”
We sat in the Lobby, Krissy freaking out.
Then, the 3 hottest guys in the school, Zack, Nick, and Gregg, came up to us.
“We could give you a ride.”
Zack winked at me. My heart fluttered.
“Sure!” I said as I hopped into Zack’s car.

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