From a Hole in the Universe...

One by one, the wishing ficleting people appeared in a vast, endless space. “Well,” g2 mused, “this was unexpected.”
“No, really?” Ana asked sarcastically. She was rather ticked about losing her Edward; TBS limped around, stewing; ALRO looked sadly at his guitar; BluSparrow & Band Baby sought each other out for comfort; Kermitgorf looked at his gorfish hands in disbelief; Chaka grumbled something about not having her Coke; Mistress Elsha just wasn’t sure how she should feel about this.
“So where are we?” Blu asked.
“A hole in the universe.” Everyone looked up; OrangeOreos had appeared, but different. Everyone’s eyes widened. “What?” The group mumbled; g2 boldly declared that he had been fairy-fied. “I’ve never seen so many sparkles on one person in my life,” she stated. “That’s the ‘wishing for more wishes’ condition: you gotta spread the wealth,” g2 said lazily, examining her fingernails. “The fairy thing was creative license.”
“So this is all your fault?” chaka asked.
“If you wanna get technical….”

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