The Bitter End

Tonight I was the musical entertainment for an illegal bar. Scary no?

Not really. Not when you’re getting paid $500 per song. You need to pay that much to people due to the illegal part.

So as I sang I watched as multiple hookers that work at this bar fratinizing (putting it lightly) with all the men.

Was this where the roaring 20’s have come to? Almost naked women dancing provacatively for money?

I shook my head in mid-song, depressed with the ways of men, though I was one of them.

I finished another song, another 500 in my pocket. The manager came up to me whispering in my ear saying I could have my break now, which basically meant going and having a couple drinks at the bar.

I ordered a simple drink, a bloody mary. The bartender kept flirting with me, I could tell. When she brought my drink back I watched her pull her already low shirt even lower, even leaning on the bar right where my drink sat. Thankfully she soon saw I wasn’t interested.

“Don’t mind her. That’s Veronica for you.”

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