The Library Is Only A Place for Learning

I sighed as Matt stood over me. He was making it very difficult to study and so I looked up at him. I tried to make my expression as bored as possible.

“Um, Gail.â€? Matt said. God, was he always this damn shy? I thought my rejection earlier had killed him.

“What?â€? I snapped and then instantly regretted it. I smoothed my tone over. “Hi?â€?

“Hey. What’s up?â€? He pulled out the chair across from me and settled in it like I had invited him to sit with me.

It was getting hard to lie to him. It took effort. “Do I know you?â€?

“Yeah.â€? He said strongly. “Matt. Your boyfriend from a while back. Remember? Yeah so, great to see ya! Glad you’re back.â€?

“Yeah, I’m back but its not for good.â€? I told him quietly. I might as well have stabbed him to death or something. Love is one of the worst pains.

“But we were—“

“Look, I really have to study.â€? I lowered my eyes back to the book in my hands as Matt stood up, embarrassed. Dammit.

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