Grandma, Grandma

” It’s hiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmm!!!!”
” Jesus Grandma! Shuuuutttup!”
“It’s hiiim”
“yellow eyed”
“God dammit Gran, count your numbered blessing I don’t put you back in that hell hole of nursery home I saved ‘ya from.”
I was pissed. I know it’s my Grandma, but the lady’s lost her marbles, bananas, head- you name it she’s lost it! The darn nursery home wouldn’t keep her! They wouldn’t even let me bribe ‘em! Not a night goes by she doesn’t scream her decrepit lungs out!
” He’s baaaaack”
“Who? The yellow eyed man? O, good he didn’t stay long last time! I didn’t even get to say good bye to him! What a shame! Did he say how long he was staying for?”
I stomped down the hallway opened the door to her room humming “there coming to take me away” (hee hee ha ha hooo hoo). I opened the door.
I was pissed. Who wouldn’t be? Now seeing that I was like devil incarnate pissed!

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