The Vent

As Lin disappeared down the corridor, I slunk back into the cell, where Master was currently sitting in a corner, face contorted in concentration.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he were trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

I poked him on the shoulder, and his eyes snapped upwards.

“I’m taking a little trip,” I whispered, pointing very slightly to the ceiling. He nodded solemnly, and off I went.

I stood face to face with the wall until I gathered up my courage and hoisted myself up by the cracks.

I groped about the ceiling, looking like some sort of grotesque insect – then, my hand grabbed onto a sturdy ledge.

I let go and as a result, I swung lazily back and forth, feeling the strength being sapped from my hands.

Grunting quite unattractively, I hauled myself into the barely large enough vent that Lin had vaguely described.

The air was close, and I could see close to nothing except a pinprick of hope giving light ahead.

My chest burned with anger, and I dragged myself along.

Almost there.

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