Close Friends in Tight Situations

I gripped the edge of the vent, knuckles paling.

The man still continued, causing me to keep my thoughts in order.

“If you ask me, I see this two ways. One, you could hold your ground and defend that worthless girl…or, you could walk away unscathed – and filthy rich.”

I felt my pulse speed up. Now he was referring to the bounty attached to me.

Being one of Master’s top students had its disadvantages. Lin was no different.

At one time, she had been one of the most wanted women in Japan – I, of course, had sheltered her.

That had been before I knew she was…well, the Spoon Ninja.

“First and foremost…”

I nearly jumped (but there was no space) at the sound of Cricket’s voice. He sounded calm and collected. As if he weren’t chained to a wall – but then again, this is Cricket we’re talking about, isn’t it?

“Xiaoli would personally arise from the dead to kill me if I sold her off. Secondly, I like to think I have more honor than to betray one of my closest friends.”

Silence reigned.

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