The Bitter End- part 2

I turned towards where the soprano voice came from. It was a woman with extremely curly black hair, falling pasts her shoulders. She was one of the hookers. She turned to face me and I then saw her big light amber eyes, “Sorry for me to butt in, but that’s just how Veronica is….I’m Acacia here, can’t tell you my real name,” She leaned towards me while whispering, “It’s a secret. You gotta have a fake name at these joints.”

I heard the whirring of a watch alarm. Acacia leaned away and looked at her watch, seeing what she was being alerted of, “Damn it. I gotta go. Client of mine.” She blushed at the last sentence which surprised me. As she she started walking away she turned around to look a me, “We should do this again, this drinking at the bar innocently thing,” Before walking off. She appeared so young compared to all the other girls here.

But you know, I suddenly believe then that I was going to like my job at the Bitter End bar.

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