Goodbye[change story]

I threw my bedroom door open and collapsed in a sobbing mess on my bed, the heavy messenger bag falling off of my heaving shoulders onto the carpet. I stared at the pictures of him and me until I got angry enough to rip the mocking photos off of the wall. I took the stuffed bear he’d given me and lit it on fire.

He tried calling a couple of times, but the blaring music drowned it out. I would have unplugged the phone, but I was already on my way to my father’s shop to grab a sledgehammer. I smashed his baby to pieces until it was simply a heap of scrap metal, no longer a Chevy pick-up. I left a note on top of it.

Maybe your heart will be as crushed as mine.. have fun with her.

After smashing parts of the bridge, I stood at the edge of it. I wondered if anyone would miss me.

What am I, stupid? Nobody will!

And with that, I leapt off of the bridge. Goodbye.

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