Should have

“Wherever,” I said; I didn’t really care where I went on bike rides, and sometimes when I got lost, it was kind of amusing to find a way back to my house.


We met at the library, and began turning down streets and paths, without the faintest idea of where we might’ve been going. We just kept turning wherever we got the chance.

Eventually, we reached an old school, one that’d been abandoned years ago. We circled around it, finding all the boarded-up windows and broken glass. Then, Peter said, “Let’s go this way,” and pointed towards a long, narrow street.

“Ok,” I agreed, and we started down the road.

There were no cars passing by us, no one in sight. No houses, no buildings, not even any litter on the ground. It should’ve seemed suspicious to us, we should have noticed something.

~Should have noticed something. I can’t remember why we didn’t, but I look back on that day and how odd that street was, how weird it’d been for there to not have been even a sign of activity..~

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