Accursed Espionage

“I demand you find those TWINS ! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME ?”

The general of the Espionage Branch suddenly found his shoes most interesting, and he mumbled, “I’m sorry, Primire, but…”

“WHAT was that? I couldn’t hear you. It appears I’m suffering from the same condition as the rest of the Espionage Branch! NOT HEARING ANYTHING !”

The idiot! If he didn’t find those twins, there would be hell to pay!

I stormed into my private office, and locked the two-layered steel door behind me.

Where could those twins have escaped to? I had every single convenience store, gas station, intersection, and even public restroom under my surveillance! I had tracked them down to the train station, and police officers were ready to pounce when they disappeared!


My angry breathing slowed down at the sight of a thin gash from a broken piece of vase. The shattered ornament was scattered across the carpet, and in the middle of it all lay a surprise.

There was a surveillance microphone laying right in the center of the debris.

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