Her Number

“We’re sorry. The number you’ve dialed is not in service. Please hang up or try again. Thank you.”
Though I didn’t hear the words myself, the horror on Ryan’s face echoed the heartless operator’s message clearly.
“You’re joking.” I sighed, exasperated, before I could help myself. I really shouldn’t give him such a hard time.
“The number isn’t right.” His face was downfallen. I mean, the guy was crushed.
“Try again, man!”
“No, I’ve done it twice already… Do you think she gave me the wrong number on purpose?”
He was pacing, doing that annoying lip-rub thing, really freaking out.
“No way.” I said, immediately, to reassure him. “If that chick is half as good as you said, no way.”
“So stupid!” Ryan growled, looking at the wall, challenging it to say something—to give him any reason to strike. I grabbed his shoulders before he did something stupid. Broken hands didn’t dial numbers very easily.
“We’ll figure something. Do you remember her name at least?”
Ryan’s confused expression made me groan.
“Oh god…”

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