The Bitter End- part 4

“So let me get this straight,” I began. I was driving Acacia to her home, “You don’t do that job because you want to?”
“Of course not. It’s like, selling your freedom to some man you don’t know for a night. It’s discusting. Especially when things involve old men.
“I can only imagine.” I stated, my nose wrinkling in discust.
“No you can’t. Everything is all hanging and-”
“Enough! Please.” I cut Acacia off from explaining any more to me.

Then there was silence. And it stayed that way until Acacia nervously spoke up, “So what are you doing that type of job for? Singing in an illegal bar?”

I didn’t answer. And I thankfully never had to for I had reached where her home was. I decided that I might as well walk her to her door.

“So yeah…thanks for giving me a ride to my house.”
“Oh it was nothing.”


“You sure?”
“Yeah. It’s really not-”

I got cut off from my statement for Acacia’s lips then suddenly landed on mine in a kiss that totally caught me off guard.

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