Rainforest Ant Colony (by The DS-Wii-Dude)

Today I got out of our colony to go do what I do every day: cut leaves.

I’m a leafcutter ant, and what I do every day is clip leaves with my strong jaws.

Most of the drones went to go mate with the queen.
Or, at least, they tried to.

You see, this colony in the dense rainforest has lots of ants (five to eight million) with different jobs.

Yesterday was harsh; we sort of had a war with a different colony. Almost all the soldiers went to defend us. The bright side is that we won.

But last week was the worst! A bunch of Mexicans tried to capture and eat us! (I guess because we are a good source of protein)

When I was looking for some nice leaves to cut, I saw some forgers on a tree hauling some leaves thirty times their own weight.


Well, now that you heard about me, let’s talk about you.

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