The Golden Silence Challenge

Well…uhm…I’ve hit 600 Ficlets! Yay! Ah, well, you know what’s coming, right? Yes, challenge!

I’ve been racking my brains for a good idea. I’ve been going: ‘Nah, that’s too plain,’ or ‘no, no, that’s not challenging at all!’ for most of the time I’ve been thinking.

And finally, I got a ‘good’ idea! :D

You know…I was thinking…whenever I’m faced with silence, I usually look around the room I’m in and notice the weirdest details I can find. Hence, this extremely bizarre idea…

Main Point of the Challenge

Write about a character in a room with other people – it can be many, it can be few.

Flesh them out, give them deep meaning – it doesn’t have to be with conversation between them.

It can be any genre you like, even Halloween centered, if you want.

There can be a little dialogue, but what I’m aiming for here is imagery. : )

Well, I won’t be surprised if there aren’t entries – it is a pretty queer challenge, but I thought I’d share it with you!

So, if you do participate: have fun!

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