Just Maybe...

I strained my ears. Was I alone? Was he gone? I heaved a deep, mournful sigh. I felt let down, I’d go so far as to feel I’d been betrayed. I just wanted to go, get as far away from all of this as I could.
But being chained to a wall, trapped in God-knows-which-part of Hell, kind of put the brakes on that fantasy.
I tried to organize my thoughts:
Master had been captured, so as to lure Cricket & I into a trap. After I’d come to, it seemed that he was after something Cricket knew, implying that I had been the bait. Now it seemed that I was the one he was after.
No, scratch that. It’s the money he was after; I was just a means to get it.
The disadvantage of doing what I do is that a number of people end up hating your guts & hoping to someday spill them in triumph.
But maybe this wasn’t the whole grand scheme. Maybe there was something more.
Something that Cricket & I both had that he wanted for some reason.
Maybe. Just maybe…
And by the looks of it, I had time to ponder what was in store.

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