The girl all alone

I met a girl the other day just sitting in the street. she was all alone so I asked her what was wrong but she did not respond. Instead she asked for a piece of paper and a pen. When I found one and returned to her she wrote me a poem.
“I want to show you my cry of internal tears because it reflects the fears of the moment and the disappointment drowning my eyes.
I hold a secret that has not been whispered to any listening ear. Its what I fear, my reality and my world.
Have you looked into my soul and seen into my eyes?
It’s a memory that may haunt you but you will always remember.
If it’s my friends you ask me about
I have so many I can not count
So why do I sit here all alone
Writing you, a stranger, this weird but beautiful poem
Because when it comes to friends, they can all talk such beautiful talk
But when it comes to me and my stories they lend a def ear
You see, they really do not care”
So that’s how I learned the lesson, that everyone is alone and i sit her now wishing to thank her.

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