Burning Realism

Ben woke up to find himself in a standing postion, but both his arms and legs were bound to a wooden structure. He tugged and struggled but nothing gave way. There was only one flickering light shining on him from above the structure. He couldn’t see anything in the vast darkness that surrounded him. He then noticed he was standing in a pool of liquid.
“And….. Action.” a voice said from the darkness.
A new light shone on a lone film camera standing in front of him. Suddenly flashes from the darkness went off. One after the other. Like people were taking pictures. Ben began to struggle again, when he saw a match thrown from the darkness and landing in the pool. It ignited instanly, he was standing in gasoline…. The flashes continued and the fire burned on Ben’s legs, he began to scream. The smell of burning flesh consumed his nose. It was his own. The flames spread up his body and the structure. The flames grew brighter and the sound of fake laughter filled what seemed to be a vast room.
“Very good.”

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