Decisions, Decisions

Xaen gritted his teeth angrily, grabbed Kamaria by the arm and told her, “Stay here until I come back to get you. If anyone else comes, do not leave with them.” Kamaria nodded dumbly and sat down on the cold, hard floor.

Melanie had left with Xaen, so she was all alone. What up with the silver walls? she thought. Just then, there was an impatient knock on the door. “It’s me,” came Aedin’s voice.

“Come in, I guess,” she said, utterly exhausted.

Aedin came swiftly into the room and closed the door behind him. “Look what I found by Romulus’ cell,” he said as he handed Kamaria a note. It read:
I said you made a mistake when you left with Aedin. Your brother has come with me so I could save him from the vampires’ clutches. Comply with our demands or you’ll pay with your life. -Jenny

“Great,” Kamaria sighed.

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