Accursed Resistance

“Henry! Listen to me! You can’t keep going the way you are now, or the Secretists are doomed, and I will NOT let my own son do that!”

“Dad, you’re not listening to me! It’s those two twins! They—”

And that was when I slapped him. Hard.

“SHUT UP!” I calmly sat down in my office chair, and motioned for him to do the same, which he did with a huff.

As he sat there sulking, I wondered if I had given him too much power too fast. It was true, he had proved himself, but now I wasn’t sure if he was mature enough to handle the responsibility…

It looked like it was up to me to help him out again.

“Henry, listen. You’re making things worse by blindly striking into the water. You need to sit down and make a plan. And stop acting like your cousins are the end of the world! What can two teenagers do? Besides, now we can wire the mike and track the receiver, so they’ll be taken care of.”

As my son left, I sighed and turned back to the map on my desk. Where could the remnants of the Resistance be hiding…?

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