Simon's First Exorcism Part II: Red, Red Knives

Behind me, Sarah gasped.

“God be good…,â€? The Priest whispered. He’d seen a few of these, and if this squicked him…

I shook off the surprise and nudged The Priest in the ribs. “Let’s get to work,â€? I said. With that, we started moving. Sarah began to set up the camera as The Priest and I approached the bed.

The girl looked like she was sleeping, although not easily. Her eye’s were shut tight, tears running from the corners, leaving tracks across her filthy face. She was breathing hard and fast, her chest rising and falling very quickly.

“Anzhela? Can you hear me?â€? I said. Her eyes snapped open and her breathing became normal just as fast. Another gasp from Sarah. The Priest grasped my arm.

Anzhela’s eyes were black. I mean totally black. No whites at all, just… black. She cocked her head to the side and looked up at me… and smiled.

Anzhela’s mouth was full of way too many teeth that were way too sharp. Her gums bled, staining her teeth.

It looked like Anzhela had a mouth full of red, red knives…

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