Brilliant Plans Take Only Seconds (So Do Risky Ones)

Eyeing Jay with well-deserved suspicion, Chloe asked, “Do I get a hint?”


That word finally awoke her, the fear twisting her intestines and sending the adrenaline coursing through her body.

“Then let’s go.”

Jay grinned from ear to ear and walked towards the door, opened it, and gestured for her to go first. She rose from the bed slowly, a plan forming in her head.

When Jay had closed the door and turned around, she inquired, “Think I could use your bathroom before this whole ‘revenge’ thing starts? I’ve got to pee.”

With a disgusted look, Jay pointed down the hall and followed Chloe as she skipped to the bathroom. She was trying her hardest to act nonchalant.

“2 minutes,” Jay hissed before she shut the bathroom door in his face and clicked the lock.

Wrong. I’ve got all the time I want. She dipped her hand into the toilet bowl and let the water dribble out, then flushed and turned on the faucet.

She prayed this covered the sound of the window opening, letting her onto the roof.

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