Accursed Deja Vu

Curiously, the mic receiver began blinking in Lily’s hand.
“Strange,” Ezra said, “was it doing that before?”
“I don’t think so.”
Why was I having a deja vu moment?
Way back when, Pat had tried to bug a Secretist warehouse with a mic. About an hour after we’d lost transmissions, our transmitter began blinking, & soon the area was crawling with troops.
If it hadn’t been for Pat’s last smokescreen pellet, we would’ve been done for.
Urgency settled into my mind.
I gave a cry, smacking Lily’s hand & sending the receiver flying. I ran over to it, & crushed it under my heel.
“What the heck?!” Ezra cried. Lily looked at me in disbelief.
“Sorry, but they could’ve used the transmitter to track us,” I explained hurriedly.
But what if they locked onto the signal before I’d destroyed it?
They could still find us.
Not unless we split up.
I hated to lose track of my new-found allies, but we could we do?
“We’re gonna have to split up?” Lily asked, worry in her eyes.
I nodded solemnly.
“We have no choice.”

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