A Diamond Thief is Born

I stuffed the rings into my pocket, replaced everything the way it was, then left the way I’d come in.

All this was done within 30 minutes, and I was back in my dugout. I changed into jeans and t-shirt, sat at my make shift work bench, and opened up my jewelry making kit. It took me an hour to extract the diamonds without damaging the settings.

It only took minutes to replace the diamonds with cut glass and super-gluing them in place. Barring any problems, I should have the phonies back in Mrs. Clarks jewelry box tomorrow.

Two weeks later, after seven home robberies, I had a collection of 18 gem stones. Then I went to the Thomas’ home.

Looking back this was un-necessary and stupid. The Thomas’ had a daughter, Deardra. I had a crush on her since grade school. Now, in middle-school we only had a couple of classes together. She saw me as a friend, nothing more.

Looking back now, I’d give my life to change the things that happened.

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