Accursed Protest

I blindly made my way through back alleys and side streets, jumping at even the slightest breeze.
I wonder where Ezra and Paulie were now. Were they caught? Were they…?
Get a hold of yourself, Lily, I told myself. They’ll be fine. You’ll be fine. Just keep going.
I rounded a corner, I happened to look the other way.
They pounced on me.
A fierce struggle ensued, but I was no match for them.
They hauled me up to face Henry’s smirking face.
“My father was right,” he said lazily, “the planning of actions does succeed.” He reached to stroke my cheek.
“Don’t touch me!” I shrieked, taking a snap at his finger.
“I guess there’s not much of a chance of getting you to talk this time?”
“I’m not saying anything!
“Very well,” he replied. “Then I’m afraid you’ll have to be the leverage this time. We’ll see if beloved Ezra will have the sense to loosen his tongue.”
“He..!” My protest stayed lodged in my throat as I was harshly gagged.
“We will see where his loyalties truly lie,” Henry half-sneered.

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